Monday, April 20, 2009

Yes, we are MARRIED!!!

Happy three weeks and 3 days to us! Yay! So we did get married, and lots has happened since then. Enjoy our update/pictures!

The wedding week was super busy and fun. We flew to GA Tuesday night. Wednesday consisted of getting our marriage license and then various interviews to teach math for me, airport runs for Justin, and then his family also got into town and the boys did tux fittings, the girls went to a hometown bridal shower. Thursday was the day before, and was filled with more airport runs, picking up flowers, setting up the clubhouse for the rehearsal dinner, etc. Again, BUSY! The bridesmaids came over to make bouquets, which was tons o fun. Then we headed over to the family dinner, which was Cafe Pig and SO delicious. It was a nice, relaxing end to a few stressful days, and the first time we'd actually seen each other since getting our marriage license Wed morning. After spending quality time with our family, talking/laughing/crying, we went home to go to bed. At our house I got lots of help with hair/nails from my mom (hair), cousin Shannon (toenails), and cousin Austin (fingernails). Then all the girls at our house did their own nails while I tried going to sleep. Took a while, but finally made it. Justin - I think he was chatting it up with his family at their hotel, not sure what else they did.

We woke up to a thunderstorm on Friday morning, and I faced the disaster that my hair didn't have time to dry in the curlers, and so it didn't take ANY of the curl it was supposed to. Didn't exactly wake up with lots of extra time in the case of such an emergency, so ended up needing and receiving AMAZING help from Katie and Shannon in the make-up department, and then mom finished up the hair. Got to the temple right on time to lots of rain. By the time we got out, it was still pouring, so we decided to just take a few pictures there, and would take lots (hopefully) before the reception, and maybe return to the temple Sunday afternoon.

After the temple, Justin and I went to lunch at Sweet Tomatos, one of our favorite places, and saw our photographer and friend there! Funny :)

Luckily the rain stopped long enough that the patio at the clubhouse was dry enough to use for the reception, and we were able to take lots of pictures! It was very surreal, it was OUR reception! It was a lovely reception, and we actually found time after the line ended to sit down and EAT! Yay! The food was FANTASTIC, the cakes were divine, and everything was just perfect! What a wonderful day! We really feel blessed to have had the perfect, amazing day that was better than either of us could've imagined. Here are some of our favorite pictures - enjoy!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I love ads

So for a while I have been wanting to create a blog dedicated to creative marketing or pr campaigns or ads that I have come across and today I did it. The address is,
I just have a couple postings but they are a couple commercials and stuff that I think are pretty creative. Check them out and let me know what you think.