Sunday, March 18, 2012

Badger Update

Thank you all for taking the time to vote for baby's name. Unfortunately mom and dad are still split down the middle, so it will be interesting to see how the name game plays out. Hopefully baby boy look a LOT like Mason so daddy will just forget he ever liked the name Logan ;)

I think I'm starting to realize that life will NEVER slow down. The "slow" weeks fill up just as much as the ones that you knew were going to be busy.

The last few months have been no different. At school I've been doing an after-school program called "Second Chance" for those students who failed first semester. It's a 6 week program, 4 days each week, and we breeze through all the material from first semester and students can test out by getting a 70% on each unit or on a comprehensive final exam. It's a good way for kids who failed b/c they were plain old lazy to be able to pass. But those who failed because they didn't understand it the first time - much harder for them. And frustrating for me. So, that added 90+ minutes to every school day for me. It ended last week and I have thoroughly enjoyed not having that extra obligation after school. Yay!!!

Since November (?) Justin's been doing double-duty at work. He started his new job as an FSM (operational manager for in-flight services at Delta) in October, but then his old corporate communications job had a huge influx of stuff they needed to do and they desperately needed his help. So, he's been working Tues- Thurs at the GO doing corporate communications and then weekends (usually Fri-Sat) back at the domestic base in ATL as an FSM. He's said that he loves his new job as an FSM, and that it's actually been neat to split time. Good change of pace. This month is the last month he'll be splitting time, because he'll be doing flight attendant training (needed for FSMs) starting mid-April. The fun part about that is the classes are supposedly 10 hrs a day, 6 days a week for 10 weeks. His class is scheduled to end June 5. Baby is due June 7. So we pray daily for a healthy full-term baby!!

In other news, Justin was accepted into a mentoring program that Delta does. They had hundreds of applicants and chose 50 to be in the program this year. That's a very cool opportunity that Justin is also enjoying! (If I said anything incorrectly, I'll make sure Justin fixes it soon, I promise).

For Valentine's Day Justin gave me some BEAUTIFUL flowers, took me to a yummy thai restaurant, and gave me a Kindle Touch! The best part: he WON it in a raffle at his gym. Who actually wins stuff in raffles? We can now say that we do!! Then for an early anniversary present he gave me a beautiful, amazing, expensive DSLR camera!!!! We knew we wanted one before baby boy arrived, and we've been saving and talking about one for a long time now. Once I stay home with baby boy I'd love to get more into photography stuff to compliment the video stuff we already do. "Step one: camera" is now checked off the list!

Pregnancy is going well. Baby boy is getting bigger and stronger - he loves flips and swirls and does not like when we poke his cute little butt or foot when he puts them too close to my belly where we can feel him so well. He is very easy to feel when he's moving, and it's entertaining to watch parts of my belly jump or move of their own accord. It's very entertaining to watch and sometimes it almost tickles.

I'm just starting to get uncomfortable - really hot at night (and during 5th period), thirsty, swelling in hands/feet, decrease in sleeping comfort, etc... Belly button is out. We just passed 28 weeks and uterus is measuring 28 cm right on target. Yay! We start going to appointments every 2 weeks now instead of 4. I can't believe we have less than 12 weeks until d-day. Where is the time going?!? Looking at upcoming stuff, I am confident these next 12 weeks will fly by faster than the last. Augh!?!?

We're moving out of our apartment April 3. We have a long saga of house hunting drama. We're still in the middle of a bunch of question marks, so I think I'll save the story for next time when hopefully there's more definite stuff to tell you. But we'll be moving all our stuff into a storage shed and living with my parents for the next few months until we move into the house (or possibly apartment). Fingers crossed we pack everything in an orderly manner so that it's easy to move-in wherever we end up. And that we do so in 2 weeks.

Katie was home this weekend and it was SO good to see her. We felt good that a family member actually had a good experience using one of our buddy passes. It was an action-packed week and unfortunately I think she has all the pictures. I know some are already up on facebook - see them and like them!!

Coming up: Claire's 17th birthday, Hunger Games Premiere (with Justin, Mom, Claire, and some of Claw's homies), filming track events, baby showers for friends, and finishing off our math stuff before Spring Break. Wahoo!!

Posts to look for: San Francisco update (including our "best photo of the trip" competition; Housing update.