Sunday, August 8, 2010

Garden Update 8/8/10

Well, I know the two of you who have been dying to know what is going on with the our garden have been deprived for some time, so I thought I would give you an update.

About a month ago I got tired of our zucchini, which were doing poorly to put it nicely, and decided to rip them out and add a couple new things. Well...that turned into a four hour project planting and transplanting a bunch of new stuff. We have added a cucumber, planted some more green beans, a yellow squash and gave the zucchini another shot, this time in a Topsy Turvy planter. Oh yeah, and we got rid of the old flowers and added some new ones. The results have be pretty good and the tomato and peppers continue to do well.

We did have a surprise and let down with a cantaloupe though. We started it from seed months ago and gradually moved it into a bigger pot as it slowly grew. Well it took off and grew quite a bit but never really did well. Last month, when I was tossing out the old stuff, I was just about to yank it when I noticed a quarter sized melon starting to form. After that I tried my best to save it but it only got about the size of a softball and fell off the vine. We tried to eat it, but it was pretty bland. However, other than that and our zucchini we have been pretty blessed.

We have more cucumbers than we know what to do with, which isn't good because Erin doesn't like them. Dozens of peppers and a bunch of new blossoms on our tomato plant. Here are some pictures for ya'll.

Topsy Turvy Tomato

Red and green bell peppers. The two on the left are falling over because they are so heavy.

Red bell peppers

Flowers with Topsy Turvy zucchini behind it

Green beans with yellow squash behind them. The squash grew off the deck to get sun.

Cucumber, from the top of the bucket to the top of the trellis is about 6 or 7 feet.

Side view of most of all our garden. It is still incredible to me that so much comes from such a little seed.