Thursday, November 8, 2012

Our Little Pumpkin

I really shouldn't say "little" because there's not much little about our Levi. He turned 4 months old mid-October and at that doctor's appointment, he came in as 17lb 3 oz (85%), 27.5 in long (98%), head circumference 17.25 cm (84%). He's rolling and reaching and grabbing and paying attention. Today Levi wanted to drink the water out of my cup. It was purified, so I figured it wouldn't hurt him. I saved a tiny bit at the end so he wouldn't spill it all and he put it straight to his mouth. I helped him tip it up and as soon as the cold water hit his mouth he made a hilarious mom this is gross face and promptly spit it out. He's funny.

Justin LOVES carving pumpkins. LOVES it. So every year we carve pumpkins together. Well, he carves and I struggle to do something decent. This year we got particularly big pumpkins because we had a fun idea. We could put Levi inside the pumpkin!!!

At first we didn't cut out leg holes, but Levi thought it was cool to stand inside...

Justin was SO excited to carve pumpkins!!

Levi was SO excited to wear a pumpkin!!

The first thing he did when he got inside the pumpkin was try to eat it... Thus the slobber down the front in the next several pictures :)

He was laughing at us a lot, but most of them turned out blurry b/c the shutter was open so long to get decent lighting... Here was the best laugh with the least blur. He's a really happy baby and loves to talk and laugh and sometimes sing. What did we do without him?!

Getting less entertained...

And finally had enough. Don't worry, we took him out quickly but had to snap a picture first. When he has something to say, he lets you have it!!!!! We sure love that little boy and had fun introducing him to the joy of carving pumpkins :)