Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vanilla Twilight

So, with working for Delta comes the blessing of flight privileges. Traveling becomes so easy that there is no excuse not to go places and see people. However, this blessing isn't so fun when Erin and I don't get to travel together. Right now Erin is in Utah visiting friends and family for her cousin's wedding. She is having a great time but it is not fun to be apart.

A few weeks ago Erin was in my current position(home alone and missing my spouse) while I was in Idaho over Memorial Day weekend for my Grandpa Badger's 85th birthday. On the flight from Salt Lake to Atlanta I was missing Erin quite a bit and a perfect song from Owl City came on the in-flight radio I was listening to. I found out it is called Vanilla Twilight. I have attached the video below. Check it out and listen to the words and you will see why it is a great song when you are away from the one you love. I love you and miss you honey!